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Tegiwa Over The Years

Where it all started...

School friends Luke and Johnny have turned their keen passion for cars into their livelihood and business. It all started out in 2003 whilst the guys were at University together and they decided to purchase a CRX to break. This then snow balled into some more Honda’s being broken and they began to import a few cars too as a bit of a hobby until the pair decided that they could make a business out of it.

It was 2006 when they first took the plunge and officially setup Tegiwa Imports Ltd. Initially the business model revolved around importing performance Honda cars from Japan alongside used parts and wheels onto UK shores. The business developed further when they had some smaller parts like brake stoppers manufactured. However, when the recession hit back in 2009, the market for imported parts soon started to dry up, so the guys turned their hand to dealing aftermarket performance parts.

Fast forward to the modern day, and Tegiwa Imports are now the European distributor for global brands such as Skunk2 Racing, Yellow Speed Racing, K-Tuned, MFactory and Apex Race Parts. With over 150 brands on the website and still rapidly growing, Tegiwa is quickly becoming a household name amongst tuning enthusiasts. Tegiwa now boast a 22 person strong team and continue jumping from strength to strength, with an array of cars known internally as the Tegiwa Fast Fleet, including an endurance spec Honda NSX and BMW M4 GT4. We’re also title sponsors for the 750MC Club Enduro Championship and very much actively involved in the world of motorsport. Learn more about the team that makes Tegiwa what it is below!

Tegiwa over the years...

  • 2003

    John & Luke buy and modify their first Honda CRX's.

    John & Luke buy their first Honda CRX to break. The parts from these cars are then exported worldwide.
  • 2005

    John & Luke import their first cars. These are a Nissan 350z & a Honda Civic EK9. The first model report had to be made too.
  • 2006

    Tegiwa Imports LTD is born & acquired the first unit (2,500 sq. ft).

    John & Luke visit Japan for the first time.
  • 2007

    Tegiwa move to a dedicated warehouse unit (4,500 sq. ft).

    Tegiwa import their first ‘half-cuts’.

    50 CRX’s, 50 ‘half-cuts’ & 100 cars have been imported by this point.
  • 2008

    The first Tegiwa part is manufactured right here in the UK

    John & Luke visit the USA for the first time, sourcing carbon bonnets and performance clutches in containers.

    The first brand is distributed.

    Global recession hits which causes a pivot in the company direction of Tegiwa.
  • 2009

    The first e-commerce website is developed - John & Luke visit manufacturers in China for the first time

    SW Wheels are born

    Tegiwa move unit (7,500 sq. ft)

    First full-time staff member is recruited
  • 2010

    The first part is manufactured in-house on Tegiwa’s HAAS VF-2SS

    Tegiwa purchase their first lorry to attend shows such as Japfest & JAE
  • 2012

    Tegiwa move unit (12,500 sq. ft)

    Luke builds his very first race car, a Honda Civic EP3 - Tegiwa turnover their first £1,000,000
  • 2013

    Tegiwa become title sponsor for the Civic Cup

    Luke wins his first race in the Civic Cup

    Tegiwa become European distributor for Skunk2 Racing

    Honda CRX race car build begins
  • 2014

    Tegiwa become European distributor for MFactory & Yellow Speed Racing

    Tegiwa employ 8 members of full-time staff

    Website moves onto Magento V1 platform
  • 2015

    Tegiwa go to Autosport International for the first time representing Yellow Speed Racing

    Involvement with BMW begins as project M3 Cup gets underway

    John & Luke attend SEMA for the first time

    Tegiwa build Honda Civic FN2 race car

    Tegiwa purchase Honda Civic FK2
  • 2016

    Tegiwa celebrate 10 years of business

    Tegiwa moves to Tegiwa House with dedicated offices & 28,000 sq. ft warehouse

    Ti Motorsport is officially born

    EU referendum vote takes place
  • 2017

    Tegiwa acquire their race lorry

    Tegiwa host their first car meet

    Tegiwa turnover £4,400,000

    Luke competes internationally in Taiwan driving a Yellow Speed Racing Honda Civic EP3
  • 2018

    Work begins on the E92 M3 for Club Enduro

    Tegiwa purchase Honda Civic FK8
  • 2019

    BMW M4 gets built for Club Enduro

    Honda NSX (Tsuki) arrives at Tegiwa as a rolling shell

    Tegiwa become the official title sponsor of 750MC Club Enduro

    Tegiwa becomes an associate member of PAAA (Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association)
  • 2020

    Coilovers.co.uk is launched

    Tegiwa becomes official sponsor of Time Attack UK

    Tegiwa win Time Attack Club 2WD in Honda NSX

    Tegiwa compete in 2 rounds of British GT in their BMW M4 GT4

    Tegiwa turnover £8,500,000

    Global pandemic as Covid-19 hits
  • 2021

    Tegiwa employs 22 members of staff

    Tegiwa celebrates 15 years of business

    Over 200 brands now listed across Imports & Euro

    Alloy Wheel Shop is launched

    Tsuki goes from an endurance spec race car to full Time Attack mode

    Build commences on FN2 race car
  • 2022

    The first Cars & Coffee meet takes place

    Tegiwa purchase a second Honda NSX to build into an endurance car for Club Enduro

    Tegiwa warehouse has over £2,000,000 of stock

    Tegiwa turnover £12,000,000
  • 2023

    Fastelectric.co.uk is born

    Tegiwa merges Imports & Euro as Tegiwa.com switches from Magento to Shopify

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